28 Apr 2012

IMG_6209edleddblack IMG_6197ed IMG_6583ed2 IMG_6620ed IMG_6604ed IMG_6671ed 1. Hofburg - Vienna | 2. hundreds of tiny dead creatures at the natural history museum, Vienna | 3. bathing the girls. It really touched me when I saw what the younger one had written with her bath tub alphabet: 'sammie loves amelie'. 4. drinking hot spiced cider at brick lane - which basically tastes like 'glühwein'. very nice! 5. wonderful visit from Austria 6. one of those rare sunny days in the past weeks 7. summer in my hands. 
enjoy your weekend folks!

15 Apr 2012

collageapril [f.l.t.r.] 1. baking birthday strawberry chocolate sponge rolls 2. smiling stupidly at my computer 3. Alice sitting in her new favourite sleeping place: the plant pot on the window shelf (which is actually still filled with soil) 4. great night out in Vienna 5. rain in Bavaria - 6. rainbows at Gatwick airport 7. salmon breakfast toast 8. being genuinely happy 9. the girls playing badminton 10. quiet places 11. new wedges from h&m 12. behind the scenes - we're not always that serious 13. blossoming magnolias 14. recently bought shower gels I absolutely fell in love with. \\ Have a lovely sunday everyone!

7 Apr 2012

img5929edneu img5890edneu hochformat2 img5896edneu img5975ed img5945edneu img5878edneu [shirt: h&m |skirt: h&m | scarf: second hand | shoes: asos ]
                                   Ich wünsch euch allen ein wunderschönes Osterwochenende! 
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