31 Jan 2011


Im Grunde sind mir Fotos bei Tageslicht viel lieber als ständig diese überbelichteten Blitzfotos. Aufgrund der eher spärlichen Sonnenaktivität zu dieser Jahreszeit und meiner Angewohnheit, mich immer erst kurz vor knapp anzuziehen komme ich um das im Gang Rumgepose bei völliger Dunkelheit draußen aber meistens nicht herum. Deshalb hier mein  Samstags-Ausgeh-Outift im indoor flash style.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
shirt: hm | skirt: hm | belt: moschino | bag: thrifted | shoes: hm

24 Jan 2011

so, nachfolgend einmal völlig überzeichnetes photoshop rumgebastle, bitte. Im Grunde nicht so meins, aber der Farbverlauf hats mir dann doch angetan.

Hose: Topshop | Pulli: Primark | Schuhe: Adidas | Gürtel: Moschino | Tasche: selbstgenäht und 'magic triangle' haha: selbst gebastelt
 ein dickes danke geht übrigens an meine neuen Leser :)

21 Jan 2011

musik hören und die sonne genießen
'In den letzten Tagen war es wärmer geworden, daher gewöhnten sich seine Augen allmählich wieder an den Anblick von Farbe in einer Welt, die monatelang eintönig wie unbemalte Leinwand gewirkt hatte.' T.C.Boyle in 'world's end'

17 Jan 2011

12 degrees, yessir!

himbeerrot, lindgrün und azurblau - musik in meinen Ohren (gif made by me)

15 Jan 2011


here are some pictures from last night. Spring slowly arrives, it wasn't cold at all, so instead of dancing to the weird compositions of that DJ in the club (what we actually did at first, only that we were nearly the only ones to 'rock' the dancefloor haha) we danced our way through the night.

The dress is from Topshop's designer section in London, the brand is called minkie. The bag is thrifted,
so is all the jewelry. I bought the boots at primark.

Here's a song that I can't stop listening to (found it via StumbleUpon quite a while ago but as a friend of mine began to sing it on our trip to london I got reminded of it again): A cover of Radiohead's famous song 'creep', sung by the belgian girl's choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers. Love it! 

10 Jan 2011


Back on german ground, I had a stunning time in London! Art and shopping, that's what the trip was all about you could say.
We rummaged us through stacks of clothing in creepy vintage shops, involuntarily listened to the jumpstyle remix of amy macdonald's 'this is the live' for an entire night, were forced to play 'what's in your bag' at the airport, had to find out that not all people are as cool as they seem to be (when I asked the uber-stylish hipster with his deep v neck and ironic moustache at beyond retro for the huh magazine -which is sold in the shop, according to their website- he just slightly bent his head and replied: "huh? never heard of that"), played funny games, went to the cinema to watch an even funnier movie - or rather did me make it funny -, found out that chinatown is also just a lousy tourist attraction, were attacked by dozens of sugar flashed squirrels in Hyde Park (after we fed them with our smarties) and got enlightened by some misterious guy that the dark war has already started, the illuminati are coming!

more pictures when my films are developed

amazing installation at the Saatchi (second time I've been there - still great)
posing at our hostel
Michael Hoppen Gallery. Didn't know that there is a photograph by Yumiko Utsu with exactly this monster when I bought it for my bro, so funny
bought that top (or whatever else it is) for just 2 pounds at some shop in notting hill
die horsee musse lebendig sein!
philistines at Tate Modern

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4 Jan 2011

6 moths ago I loaded a 35 mm film into the Holga that I found at my place. From there on, poor little camera fell into oblivion till her owner came across it again. But now in my winter vacation I finally managed it to unload this film (jammed together in the cupboard over the stairs  under a blanket) and get it developed. Here's one of the not really satisfying results.

1 Jan 2011


taken by me with a friends camera // edited by me

taken by a friend // edited by me

taken by me // edited by me

taken by a friend // edited by me

happy new year everyone, hope you had a great evening!
this is what I wore. (I tie dyed the fabric for the bag myself and sewed it together afterwards)

dress: topshop // shoes & jacket: vintage // bag: self-made

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