18 Nov 2010

the daily prophet

when some friends and I went to the movies yesterday to see the preview of harry potter and the deathly hallows, I expected it to be as bad as the last two parts - I didn't like them at all - but my expectations were surpassed. The acting performance was partly weak (just as in every part so far), Dan Radcliff still seems clumsy and the actors hardly laughed. But there was a lot less kitsch, no incoherently joined together scenes and a nice animation when hermione reads the tales of beedle the bard (kinda reminded me of some gorillaz music video) All in all, quite a nice movie. Would even go see it again.

But tell me one last thing:  Why is Dumbledore buried in a Bauhaus grave?

some pictures a friend of mine took last weekend: long time exposure - and time flies by

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