15 Jan 2011


here are some pictures from last night. Spring slowly arrives, it wasn't cold at all, so instead of dancing to the weird compositions of that DJ in the club (what we actually did at first, only that we were nearly the only ones to 'rock' the dancefloor haha) we danced our way through the night.

The dress is from Topshop's designer section in London, the brand is called minkie. The bag is thrifted,
so is all the jewelry. I bought the boots at primark.

Here's a song that I can't stop listening to (found it via StumbleUpon quite a while ago but as a friend of mine began to sing it on our trip to london I got reminded of it again): A cover of Radiohead's famous song 'creep', sung by the belgian girl's choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers. Love it! 


  1. what a fun fun outfit(: so glad i came across your blog! which is so cute and lovely by the way(: keep up the wonderful work and posts(:



  2. Good photo)
    I like your blog)

  3. Oh ein wunderschönes Lied & ich mag deinen Blog!(:


  4. love your hair!!! curly twins wooo ahahhaha x

  5. Beautiful post! Creep is one of my favorite Radiohead songs, i love the version you posted; sung by children, it's very haunting.

  6. yeah mine too. by the way thanks a lot for following!

  7. dein blog ist wunderschön und du tozal hübsch :)

  8. das lied hats mir gerade total angetan. erinnert lich an die kinder des monsieur mathieu. ich lads mir runter =)
    super suesser blog <3

  9. nice blog! i like your outfit pics, and your style of photoshopping!
    i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

    x zoé - lightningfactory.blogspot.com -


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